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Delta 302 J314BVO Remains passed to dealer breaker in Dec. 2006 Delta 303 J316BVO Burnt out Delta 304 J317BVO Burnt out Delta 305 J320BVO Burnt out Delta 306 J322BVO Burnt out Delta 308 J324BVO Burnt out Delta 311 K331FAL caughed fire (whilst in service) and scrapped Delta 312 K332FAL caughed fire (whilst running light) Delta 317 K645FAU Burnt out Delta 322 J312BVO Burnt out Volvo B6 2263 L163AVC scrapped Volvo B6 2223 M123UET scrapped Volvo B6 2280 N103CKU scrapped Volvo B6 2221 M121UET scrapped Volvo B6 2202 M202EUS scrapped VOlvo B6 2223 M123UET Sold for scrap VOlvo B6 2202 M202EUS Sold for scrap Volvo B6 2207 M207EUS Sold to Carlton VOlvo B6 2280 N103CKU Sold for scrap Delta 303,J316BVO Burnt out Delta 304,J317BVO Burnt out Delta 305,J320BVO Burnt out Delta 306,J322BVO Burnt out Delta 308,J324BVO Burnt out Delta 317,K645FAU Burnt out Delta 322,J312BVO Burnt out Delta 219 K326FAL sold to Carlton Bova 11 NHE 340 to Stagecoach Manchester (DTU) Bova 11 re-registered to N401LTL Scania 4 (59652) to dealer Lister (Bolton) Spartan 201 - Wigan Bus Ltd Spartan 202 - Wigan Bus Ltd