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Books, with information about The Yorkshire Traction Company
Basically this page will have a list of books that contain information about Yorkshire Traction.

The Prestige Series - Yorkshire Traction 2
So popular was the first book that Venture have made a second book on the same subject. More please! Anyway, I'm not going to spoil it for you, i'd just suggest you buy it.

Any good book shop should have it in stock. You might want to try MDS Books

The Prestige Series - Yorkshire Traction
Venture Publications have recently released a book by John Banks and with Photographs by G H Atkins. It is one of a series, previous books been,

1 United Automobile Services
2. East Midland Motor Services
3. East Yorkshire Motor Services
4. Lincolnshire RoadCar Company
5. Yorkshire Traction Company
6. London Transport
and many more.

This is an excellent book and is recommended to anyone who wishes to look back at photos from Yorkshire Traction's history.

This book is published by Venture Publications and is for sale at Amazon.co.uk and also through the web site of MDS Booksales who handle all the VPL mail order despatch, at the usual price of 7.95, post free in the UK.

You can find MDS at mdsbooks.co.uk
The Yorkshire Traction Bus Handbook
Following on from the excellent tradition of Fleetlists and photos, comes British Bus Publishing's latest edition for the Yorkshire area. Priced at around the £10 to £15 mark this is an excellent book well worth buying, can can be bought from a variety of outlets as well as www.amazon.co.uk.
Yorkshire Traction, Early Development.
To the tight: an excellent book which was produced for the 80 years celebrations of Yorkshire Traction, in 1982 this book is an excellent history of the company and is well worth buying at a very reasonable price. I believe the book in now only available (if your lucky) at Rally's around the country.